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Multi Action Poker FAQ

Multi Action Poker FAQ

Multi Action Poker – Frequently Asked Questions

Es ist echt aufregend Multi Action Poker zu spielen. Multi Action Poker ist das Highlight des Aria Pokerrooms. Multi Action Poker ist das blitzschnelle Pokerspiel, dass jetzt Aria Pokerroom in Las Vegas verfügbar ist. Hier findet Ihr die Multi Action Poker – Fragen und Antworten .

Q. How many players can play?
A. The table is made to accummodate 9 players.

Q. How many decks of cards are used? And how can you tell them apart so it is not confusing?
A. Each dealer has their own deck. If a casino uses automatic shufflers then it would be four decks, otherwise two decks. Ech dealer will use a deck of cards with different backs and fronts to stop confusion. Each hand will be dicernable from the other.

Q. Are there two dealer buttons? Are the hands played separately?
A. Yes The hands are played separately simultaneously.

Q. Cn you have one dealer deal a different game the the other dealer?
A. Yes! For example one dealer can deal no limit hold’em while the other dealer deals PLO. There are many differen combination Baducie and Omaha. Triple draw and stud. It is limitless depending on the skill oft he player.

Q. Are there two defferent sets of chips, one for each hand?
A. Although Multi Action Poker is designed tob e played with two different chip stacks that coincide with two separate hands, one set of chips can be used. Each casino can make their own decision to mee the needs oft he players.

Q. What happends if a player cheats by tranferring chips?
A. Please see the rules given tot he Nevada Gaming Control Baord. Essentially the player caught cheating will LOSE the POT and ALL the chips. A player will basically turn a winning hand into a disqualified losing hand and the entire pot will be given tot he best non disqualified hand.

Q. If a accidentally go all in or bet the wrong hand, what happends?
A. Unfortunately, the player is responsible for teir own action. Just as in online poker if you accidentally click the wrong button and bet or fold, you action stands.

Q. What happend when i lose all my chips in one hand and still have chips in the other?
A. If a player loses all his chips in one hand, they will be allowed to transfer the minimum buy in tot he felted hand provided they still have the minimum in both hands. Please see rules for more clarification.

Q. Can a player still play if they get felted in one hand and only have enough chips left fort he other hand?
A. That will be left up to each indiviual casino. It may depend if there is a waiting list.

Q. Will verbal decarations be binding? What happen if the action for both hanss is on a player at the same time, how will you determine which hand is betting verbalized?
A, Verbal is binding fort he action closet tot he player. See rules for more detail. If both actions are on a player at the same time, the dealer will ask the player to clarify his verbal declarition before action commences.

Q. Will there be a double rake?
A. Each pot will only raked once. Each dealer will collect a rake or time. At Aria the max rake for Multi Action Poker will be $3

Q. What happends if a player has a really tough decision in one hand, while still having to act in the other?
A. Just like playing multiple tables online, you are allowed to make a decision on either hand and then go back tot he difficult decision. Essentially, a player could have a decision for all his chips in a hand that could tale 5 minutes. In that time, he could act multiple times on the other hand.

Q. Will Multi Action Poker speed up or slow down the game? Will you play more hands per hour?
A. It will speed up the game.Yes you will have more action.

Q.Is this meant tob e a live version of online poker?
A.No Multi Action Poker is meant to bring more action and less boredom. Online players might have a better understanding of playing more hands. However, if you have experience playing multiple online tables, you may not have any advantage over players who do not play online.